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HTML2PDF is an External Object that allows us to generate a PDF document from an HTML text.
By Pedro Elicegui Sasiain
Published 3 years ago
Downloaded 280 times
External Object for Android to be able to print via Bluetooth
PXTools BluetoothPrint
By PuntoExe Consultores
Updated 8 months ago
Downloaded 18 times
USD 350.00
External object that lets you check if an application is installed on the device, its code and version number and even allows you to launch the application. It also let you  obtain the downloads directory location of the device and the IMEI number.
Android Utilities
By GeneXus Consulting
Updated 4 years ago
Downloaded 132 times
The GeoLocation  UserControl is used to get the current position of the device.
By Vladimir Perche Cruz
Published 5 years ago
Downloaded 582 times
"Autocomplete Places" user control makes address fields filling easier by suggesting options to the user as they type.
Autocomplete Places
By Juan Pablo González
Updated 2 years ago
Downloaded 54 times
Responsive multilevel menu with four different behaviours: a smart horizontal responsive behaviour, an horizontal responsive float, an hotizontal responsive push and a vertical representation. All in one!
PXTools Smart Menu
By PuntoExe Consultores
Updated 2 years ago
Downloaded 26 times
USD 26.00
SmartDevicesPlus was developed by DVelop Software Solutions with the aim of increasing productivity in Smart Devices developments, reducing time and cost of projects.

Limitation of the trial version:
- 6 templates
- No incluye controles de infragistics para Android
- 2 controles de infragistics para iOS
By DVelop
Updated 2 years ago
Downloaded 602 times
Use it for adding a mask –picture– to a field.
By Daniel San Martin Pascal Filho
Updated 2 years ago
Downloaded 743 times
Declare once and generate for all platforms.

GeneXus development framework based on patterns, user controls, extensions, modules, external objects and external programs to develop Web and SmartDevice applications without need to know in depth the final platforms.
It is not necessary to modify the Objects generated by the patterns because they contain all the power in the instance. 
It includes the concept of Templates that allow to interact with User Controls and to change the design of interface generated throw the instances.  
It increases the productivity dramatically comparing with the development of Web Panels without the utilization of patterns. 

For more information: http://www.pxtools.com.uy
PXTools (for 15) Trial
By PuntoExe Consultores
Published 2 years ago
Downloaded 73 times
Deprecated: As of GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC it is possible to use expressions on Client side on Smart Devices Applications.
More info: http://wiki.genexus.com/commwiki/servlet/hwikibypageid?25198

It is an external object for iOS that allows you to run certain operations on the device without having to go to the server
Simple Operations
By Franklin Buitron
Updated 7 years ago
Downloaded 60 times
I have developed api printTobluetooth for smarthdevice android platform for ev3 generator.

Version 1.0
Only Allow text to be printed within LongVarChar variable
By Ruben Martinez
Updated 2 years ago
USD 100.00

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