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Luciano Silveira

Japanese Calendar Utility
Utility to get\set a Japanese calendar date from\to the Gregorian calendar.
Downloaded 12 times
Backup Restore Utility
Backup and Restore operations for mySQL, postgreSQL or SQLServer.
Downloaded 98 times
StockChart Control
This control creates a stock or general timeline chart.
Downloaded 212 times
Pull To Refresh Grid for iOS
Simple Pull To Refresh Grid
Downloaded 208 times
Tag Cloud Grid for iOS
Displays a list of items in a grid as a 3D cloud.
Downloaded 144 times
Carousel Grid for iOS
Displays a list of items in a grid as a carousel.
Downloaded 145 times
Collapsable Grid for iOS
Collapsable Grid for iOS
Downloaded 125 times
List Object
List the selected objects in a HTML page
Downloaded 440 times
dhtmlSlider Control
This control implements an alternative way to input numerical data.
Downloaded 232 times
EditInPlace Control
This control implements an alternative way to edit character edit controls.
Downloaded 302 times
dhtml Custom Render Grid
Custom Render User Control for a standard GeneXus grid.
Downloaded 1030 times
Sparkline present trends and variations associated with some measurement in a simple and condensed way.
Downloaded 562 times
Candlestick Chart
This control shows an interactive Candlestick chart, often used to show stock value behavior.
Downloaded 231 times
Recover Object
Recovers a deleted object.
Downloaded 871 times
Undo Close
Extension to keep a list for the recently closed objects.
Downloaded 127 times
Copy Paste History
Keeps a list of the latest Copy actions to be reused later.
Downloaded 143 times
PDF Tools
It allows to apply operations on PDF documents.
Add a password.
Digitally Sign PDF documents.
Concatenate several PDF files.
Modify permissions.
Add watermark.
Get PDF Text.
Downloaded 1781 times
GXtestGenerator is a pattern to create test cases from a transaction to be imported into GXtest Designer.
Downloaded 204 times
Flash Viewer
The idea behind this User Control is to have a basic control to embed flash movies easily in GeneXus.
Downloaded 731 times
Fisheye Menu
The idea behind a fisheye control is a strip of icons, being vertical or horizontally laid out that reacts to the user's mouse as it approaches the icon
Downloaded 1133 times

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