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GeneXus Consulting

Since 1992, GeneXus Consulting has been dedicated to providing Information Technology Consulting services using GeneXus technology.
We are committed to offering the best information technology solutions adapted to each client's needs. Our team includes more than 150 expert consultants in GeneXus and cutting-edge technologies. 
In addition, we have extensive experience in project management, custom development of solutions, training, analysis, design and testing.

Circliful allows representing percentage data in a donut chart with a  highly configurable visual appearance.
Downloaded 276 times
Extension for counting automatically GXPoints in a GeneXus Knowledge Base.
Downloaded 120 times
The GXC Single Sign On (SSO) external object is an authentication procedure developed for Java, which allows users to access various systems with a single authentication. In this case, users will be authenticated against AGESIC using electronic identity cards.
Downloaded 113 times
Android Utilities
External object that lets you check if an application is installed on the device, its code and version number and even allows you to launch the application. It also let you  obtain the downloads directory location of the device and the IMEI number.
Downloaded 103 times
GXCDigitalSign is the electronic signature component developed by GeneXus Consulting that enables users to easily sign PDF, XML and TXT files. In addition, it is fully and seamlessly integrated into GeneXus.

Files can be signed on the client's browser or on the server.
Available for Java and .Net.
Downloaded 978 times

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