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PuntoExe Consultores

Services specialized in migration of Win applications to the Web, migration of PocketPC to Smart Devices and Web and Smart Devices development using GeneXus Pattern technology to improve development time. We have the mayor development tool named PXTools: Set standards, controls, extensions and modules to develop applications and Web SmartDeviceMonitor. No need to modify the generated objects. The patterns contain the full power in the instance. Supports Templates that allow you to interact with User Controls and vary the design of objects generated. Increases productivity radically compared to manual development.
PXTools (for 15) Trial
Downloaded 24 times
SMS Sender
Downloaded 3 times
PXTools BluetoothPrint
Downloaded 7 times
PXTools Smart Menu
Downloaded 21 times
PXTools Responsive Layout
Downloaded 5 times
PXTools InConcert
Downloaded 23 times
PXTools Instance Attacher
Downloaded 25 times
PXTools Change References
Downloaded 30 times
PXTools (for X Ev 3) Trial
Downloaded 293 times
PXTools for X Ev 2 Trial
Downloaded 272 times
PXTools for X Ev 1 Trial
Downloaded 226 times
PXTools Scroll Line
Downloaded 318 times

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