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Our mission is to enhance GeneXus experience through the development and evolution of a wide range of products that maximize the user's community capabilities.
WorkWithPlus for Audit
WorkWithPlus for Audit aims to help enterprises to introduce auditing features in their software in an agile and productive way.

Trial limitation:
- It can´t be used in KBs with more than 5 transactions
- Available for SQL Server
- Auditing tables can only be local
Downloaded 143 times
WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile
WorkWithPlus for Native Mobile was developed with the aim of increasing productivity in Native Mobile developments, reducing time and cost of projects.

Limitation of the trial version:
- 6 templates
- 2 controles de Charts para iOS
Downloaded 679 times
Variables Cleaner
Variables Cleaner is a GeneXus Extension thought to clean not used variables throughout the GeneXus KB or an object or directory.
Downloaded 3116 times
WorkWithPlus for Web
WorkWithPlus for Web offers a set of tools, design systems and patterns that multiplies the productivity of Web developments in GeneXus, reducing project times and costs. It is part of the WorkWithPlus suite.

Limitation of the free version: 20 transactions.

More info: workwithplus.con
Downloaded 7505 times

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